• Assured Automation Wm-Nlch-100, Wm-Nlch Series Hot Water Meter


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Water flows through the meter’s strainer (inlet and internal) and into the measuring chamber where it drives the impeller

A driving magnet transmits the movement of the impeller to a driven magnet located within the sealed register

Features All parts in contact with water are constructed of corrosion-resistant materials Body and coupling are made with low-lead brass alloy C87850 and meets potable water standards Impeller is the only moving part in contact with water, giving the meter long life and consistantly reliable operation Extra filter at the inlet of the meter body permits cleaning without having to open the meter Dial plate design in US Gallons Optional check valve to avoid reverse flow lead-free Optional pulse output consisting of plastic housing with 2-wire red and black reed switch and cable Max

Pressure 150 psi Max

Reading 050, 075, amp 100 9, 999, 999.99 150 amp 200 9, 999, 999.9 Accuracy Normal Flow plusmn 1.5 / Low Flow plusmn 3 Body amp Couplings EcoBrass Internals Engineered thermoplastic Magnet Alnico Sensor Reed switch Maximum Current 10mA Maximum Voltage 24VAC/vDC Cable Length 5 rsquo standard, 2000 rsquo max

Temperature 194 deg F Max

The WM-NLCH Series water meter is top loaded and consists of three basic components main case, measuring chamber, and head ring

The magnet is connected to a gear train which translates the impeller rotations into volume totalizers displayed on the meter rsquo s register dial face