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Control your server or KVM switch from a centralized rack-mount KVM console

Maximize your screen spaceThis versatile rack-mount LCD console has a 19 in

The KVM module offers the flexibility you need to easily integrate the console into your existing server infrastructure.The RKCONS1916K is backed by a StarTech.com 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical support. /p

The console features a built-in touchpad, keyboard for intuitive control and an LCD display that supports resolutions up to 1280x1024

The increased screen space enables you to run multiple applications on the same screen, maximizing your productivity.Clutter-free monitoringThe console slides out from 1U of rack space, enabling you to easily monitor and control 16 servers, and even more if connecting through a KVM switch

The rack-mount VGA console features a handle for easy sliding in and out of the server rack, keeping your area organized and clutter-free.Hassle-free system integrationThe rackmount LCD features a 16-port KVM module, allowing you to connect it directly to 16 servers

The rack-mount console installs into 1U of rack space, offering a space-efficient solution for complete console control.Maximize your IT budget, minimize your hassleThis 16-port KVM switch provides all the essential controls you 39 39 ll need to manage your server room at a low cost

This 1U 16-port KVM console provides complete keyboard, monitor and mouse control for 16 computers

You can also connect to additional servers by connecting to KVM switches in a cascaded daisy-chained configuration