• Brandtech 705327, Transferpette Electronic Single Channel Pipette


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705327, Transferpette Electronic Pipette, Single Channel, 250-5000µL Includes: Battery 120V AC adapter with charging cable One pipette tip sample pack Silicone oil Operating manual The BRAND Transferpette electronic is an ergonomic, intuitive electronic pipette for use in most laboratory applications

Features Five operating modes that are simple to set and use simplify most pipetting applications Large, clear LCD screen with clear operational symbols and words makes settings obvious Optimized standard design of the tip cone on the single channel pipettes allows for the use of BRAND or other manufacturers' high quality tips Innovative O-rings on tip cones of the multichannel pipettes reduce tip-mounting and ejection forces, and allows for the use of BRAND or other manufacturers' high quality tips Easy Calibration system reduces need for off-site calibration and simplifies conformity with ISO/GLP guidelines Shaft and manifold

The soft-touch pipetting key, adjustable finger-rest, light weight and innovative tip cone minimize static strain and operational forces, reducing the risk of repetitive stress injuries

This is the first electronic pipette to be awarded the Ergonomics Approved and User-Friendly certification from the prestigious TUV testing service, an OSHA-accredited testing laboratory