• 72 Multicolor Garden Roses


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This product needs to be ordered at least one week before delivery date

All our flowers and roses are cut specially for you, your loved one or special event wedding, party, fundraising event, birthday or holiday , 3 days before they are delivered to your door

Color tones for all flowers and roses may vary due to the computer monitor and/or Mother Nature.

Each box contains 72 stems pack in 6 bunches with 12 roses each

Globalrose sells wholesale flowers and wholesale roses at prices that are usually lower than most local wholesalers

In each box you will have different lengths

It is a large head with a wavy pattern of petals that will outlast a hybrid tea in a vase as well as open fully

Sunset is mostly orange, but has some definite pink, red and yellow undertones as it opens

Supplies are limited

Terrific for vase work

The length of the stems are from 16 inches to 20 inches

Your flowers and roses are shipped absolutely fresh, direct from the greenhouses to you via FedEx